About Me

I am a sound artist and music curator of underground and experimental musics and arts. My work focuses on personal, jagged, immersive soundscapes that blur the line between documentary, music, sound collage, found sound, and field recording. My immersive, intimate, swirling sound portraits explore connection and alienness, stemming from my own perspective as a mixed-race woman. In 2022, I made a twenty-two hour radio piece for Radio Art Zone, a project by Radio ARA and Mobile Radio for the European Capital of Culture. The piece was called Ceremonies for a Commuter, and played on the idea of a soundwalk. Ceremonies utilized the acts of recording and walking as methods to interrogate feelings of loneliness and solitude.

I am driven by a curiosity about loneliness. I have explored it in my work through questions of gender, race, age, and class, often drawing from my own lived experience. These intersections of identity offer a critical framework for my experimentation. I’ve tackled this not only in my artwork, but also in my professional life, where I prioritize mentorship and opportunities to advance emerging voices into the field. 

In Conversation

I have been interviewed about my work by Women In Sound, My Little Underground Podcast, People Are The Enemy Podcast, and The Noise Is The Message / El Ruido Es El Mensaje.

I also worked with the Syllabus Project to make a resource list of artists who ask us to listen differently, using unconventional sources and creative recording techniques.