About Me


I am the Music Director at freeform radio station WFMU and guide music curation, as well as implement the music curation strategy for WFMU and maintains relations with individual artists, record labels and music distributors.

I host a weekly radio show on WFMU called Radio Ravioli, which is an immersive, genre-fluid three-hour program that prioritizes experimentation, creativity, live performance, and conversation.

I am an ardent fan of radio art, since radio is such a rich medium to experiment and take risks. I have cut up 45 singles and stitched together a radio program from all the fragments (archive here), improvised with balloon music, highlighted aliens and ghosts, as well hosted a variety of musicians and artists, including Jill Kroesen, Carl Stone, Angel Bat Dawid, and DeForrest Brown Jr. These conversations prioritize casual and thoughtful conversations about artists’ careers and lives, rather than just another promotional appearance.

I also curate a weekly guest DJ slot on WFMU called Radio Row, designed to bring underrepresented DJs, artists, and genres to WFMU and the FM airwaves, in general. 



Sound Art, Design, Music

In addition to my radio show, I am also an artist and musician. In 2022, I made a 22 hour broadcast for Radio Art Zone that focused on walking. My work has also aired on Constellations, Transom, Earlid, Radiophrenia, and on the podcast Artists-In-Presidents. Through my work, I utilize sound collage, electronic music, field recordings, tape loops, and pop music. 
I also teach sound design and creative audio practices. I have taught at UnionDocs and The Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, as well as participated in panels and demos at festivals and workshops.

In Conversation

I have been interviewed about my work by Women In Sound, My Little Underground Podcast, People Are The Enemy Podcast, and The Noise Is The Message / El Ruido Es El Mensaje.

I also worked with the Syllabus Project to make a resource list of artists who ask us to listen differently, using unconventional sources and creative recording techniques.